You Can't Risk Moving Your Piano All By Yourself - Hire Professional Removalists

I recently moved to Adelaide from Melbourne. You very well know moving is something you want to avoid your entire life but circumstances make you take the decision. 

Let me introduce my profession to you. I am a music teacher and teach piano to all those young artists who want to make their name in the music industry. 

My move to Adelaide was well not planned at all. One day while reading the paper, I noticed a job that matched my requirements. But it had one condition i.e to move to Adelaide from Melbourne. At first, I hesitated but soon realized that without money you cannot survive for long. So had to go against my will to grasp the opportunity that might change my life one day.

I filled in the request and in day's time I was called in for the interview. Everything went well and soon I was recruited by the institution as the lead music instructor. I came back home and started packing my stuff. After just 10 minutes I started feeling weary. Without even thinking for a minute I started packing the entire house all by myself. It's not one man's job, I told myself. 

Trust me you need two things to make the move successful:

So I grabbed my smartphone and started searching for Adelaide removalists. I went through many websites, many review portals before taking the final decision. CBD Movers caught my attention when I wrote budget removal companies on Google search box. Many years of experience & positive customer feedback helped me in choosing them. I dropped an email with my requirements & in no time their support team pinged me on my cell phone. I hadn't thought it will be this quick. I shared all the details and finalized the time and date. They visited my place and inspected the movables and quantity & size of the items.

My Piano, love of my life was the first thing that caught my attention when they were inspecting. Many negative thoughts started revolving around my head, How will they move such a heavy item? It won't fit in the door, how will they move it out in one piece? What if my piano gets damaged? Who will take the responsibility? It took me some courage to ask the gentleman about all these things. He listened to me very patiently and smiled back. Then he started explaining the whole piano moving process thoroughly, how their profession movers will dismantle the piano and wrap it up safely so that all the pieces stay intact. I was there all the time and enjoyed their team spirit. They were not just movers but entertainers who kept the atmosphere light and positive. 

I reached Melbourne yesterday and in a day's time settled all my things in the new home with the help of these professionals. They unwrapped all the valued and followed all my instructions to ensure my time and money is saved. Today was my first day at my new job and I am glad that it went well all thanks to CBD's unsung heroes. If it was not for them, I would not have been able to reach Melbourne in time with my Home Sweet Home 

So if you have heavy furniture like mine, then you much their piano moving tips to get some clarity on how to handle such moving challenges that you can't handle all by yourself.